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What we offer

Technology Staffing

When your organization needs to understand the technology dependencies that show cross-functional skill-sets towards specific project goals, ALBEDO provides more than just staffing assistance; We are subject matter experts in technology with decades of large business experience that you can rely on to help your organization move forward. ALDEDO is more than just staffing, we are an engineering and technology firm, and we are here to help! This is our difference.

Project Management

With such a diverse staff, ALBEDO has a foot print in every major industy so that you can be assured our certified Project Managers will bring the right skills to your organization. Whether it is Healthcare, Manufacturing, Informaiton Technology, Telecommunications, Finance, or Education (Private Industry and Public/Gov't Sector), ALBEDO is ready to assist in getting your projects aligned with your goals and staffing needs in mind - On Time, On Spec, On Budget! Give us a call today!


ALBEDO has assisted with in-house corporate training in large software migrations, including Train-the-Trainer, as well as having developed core curriculums for Post-Secondary educational institutions. ALBEDO is even moving forward on opening our own Technology Training Center...details will be coming soon! If your organization needs to develop a comprehensive educational program with technology in mind, ALBEDO is ready to assist!

All Industries!

Revenue generation and global competition continue to be the dominate economic landscape challenges. Highering smart is only part of the equation...but obviously if this step is missed, even a small consistent operation can be easily derailed. ALBEDO's goal is to help your organization to get the most qualified candidates available, and we will do that by working diligently to understand your company's needs in conjunction with our decades of knowledgable talent. We are in every major industry...give us a call and see what ALBEDO can do for you!

We understand that there are plenty of staffing firms for you to choose from, and we at ALBEDO know that our value-add to you will best be shown in how we strive to outperform our competitors by staying focused on industry best practices, continued education, and professional conduct. Technologies today are as broad and diverse as the specific industry of which they are applied. Here is where ALBEDO brings to your organization that difference, where EXPERIENCE COUNTS! As a Technology and Engineering firm, we will always strive to expand our portfolio beyond just closing the deal. This is our value-add to you! Give us a call today and let ALBEDO show you first hand our difference!

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