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ALBEDO began as a small (1-person) private-consult effort in 1998 under the corporate name Code-E-Systems. At that time, the founder (Mr. Anderson -pictured to the right), had been approached by several businesses to meet various technical challenges such as Y2K, or moving from a flat-network-design into a domain/routed-network design. Since then, the I.T. industry has grown exponentially more complicated. Projects now require multiple individuals with exceptional level talents, and this is where your company needs to make the right decision regarding consultation of services. Many organizations make the grave mistake of failing to acquire the right talent to meet project objectives, and this paradigm of consequence is the basis of ALBEDO's founding. We want to partner with your organization and exceed your expectations of what a technology services company can do for you!

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To meet those objectives, there's no better way to build a relationship than to first get acquainted! With that in mind, I'd like to introduce our President, Mr. Michael Allman. Having worked with Mr. Allman closely on multi-million dollar hospital software migrations in the past, I found him to be the perfect fit for this role. He brings a level of both clinical and business experience needed to lead ALBEDO forward into the future! You can contact him directly by clicking on his photo, or feel free to use the "Contact Us" link(s) above and a member of our staff will forward your requests accordingly.

Also, with great excitement we now have a professional Human Resources and Accounting Manager to assist beyond the technology components of our business. Introducing Mrs. Connie Hein! Besides holding two accounting degrees, Mrs. Hein is completing her CPA certification and comes with an exceptional amount of technology experiences including SAP programming / migration, as well as Operational and Project Management experience. Mrs. Hein, likewise, can be contacted via clicking her picture, or through the various "Contact Us" links within ALBEDO's website. Thank you everyone for stopping by - we really appreciate your time and business considerations!

R. Jason Anderson, CEO "ALBEDO"

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